Weequays are a race of humanoids who come from the Outer Rim planet of Sriluur, near Hutt Space. Their home is a harsh desert planet, leading to the species’ tanned skin tone and rough, sandy, wrinkled skin. Their eyes are dark and slightly recessed into their skull.
Weequays are humanoids with thick, leathery skin that ranges in color from tan to dark brown. Their faces are lipless, with a frill along each of their jowls.

Weequays had the ability to communicate with members of their own clan through smell by exuding complex pheromones. This pheromonal language could not be understood by any other species, or even by Weequays of another clan. Only Jedi senses could even tell that two Weequay are communicating. Since each Weequay’s pheromones are unique, Weequay had no need for a name within their clan. As a result, speech is only a secondary form of communication for Weequay, and they seldom spoke a whole sentence, resulting in Humans mistakenly believing the species to be unintelligent.

Only Weequay who have to live among other clans, or among non-Weequay, take a personal name. Even then, some are simply referred to as “Weequay”. In Weequay culture, individual identity is much less important than the clan. As long as the clan survives, a single Weequay is expendable. This results in a sometimes brutal culture.

Male Weequay often tied their hair into long braids. Traditionally, they grow one “seclusion braid” for each Sriluurian year spent away from their homeworld as a tribute to their home. When they return, they shaved their braids. Weequays serving the Hutt clans are often very close to their homeworld, and would only have one or two braids. Female Weequay are usually bald, and do not follow this tradition.

Weequay religion is complex, with many deities. Among them are the moon-god Quay and the thunder god Am-Shak. Quay is their chief god: indeed, “Weequay” translated to “Follower of Quay”. Zealous Weequays perform ritual sacrifices in Quay’s honor, at times resorting to murder, earning their culture a violent reputation. Each of their cities is centered around a shrine of black, polished stone, known as a thal, where the Weequay made offerings of food and valuables. Their religious code prohibited building thal off Sriluur, so off-world devotees are obligated to substitute animal sacrifices (usually large animals like banthas).

The Weequays share their homeworld with Houk colonists, though not enthusiastically. The two societies went to war on Sriluur a decade ago. The conflict ended recently, leaving many unemployed Weequay soldiers to find work as mercenaries and bounty hunters. This war also gave certain Weequay companies a good reputation throughout the galaxy as manufacturers of force pikes and other melee weapons.

Weequays are widely used throughout the galaxy as mercenaries or criminal henchmen. They play this role in their earliest recorded contact with the outside galaxy, when they joined Vodran, Klatooinian, and Nikto mercenaries in the pay of the Hutts. Unlike the other races hired by the Hutts, the Weequay did not sign the Treaty of Vontor, and remained independent of the Hutts. They are used extensively as foot soldiers by the Hutt Cartels and Black Sun Syndicate.

Weequay are occasionally hired as bodyguards in Hutt syndicates when they chose to make their lives in the galaxy. They generally went offworld as part of small groups, usually from the same clan. Their role in the galaxy is usually minor, as their mean-spirited temperaments leave them ill-suited for more grand ventures, while their suspicious and xenophobic nature prevents them from carving permanent settlements on strange worlds.


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