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    GHOSTS OF THE REPUBLIC As the first volleys of a civil war are being fired half a galaxy away a small band or fugitives flee MOS SHUUTA on Tattooine to escape the clutches of crimelord TEEMO THE HUTT in a stolen ship. As they try to lose themselves …

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    h3. Ghosts of the Republic [[Equipment Index | Equipment Index]] [[Map Index | Map Index]] [[Species Index | Species Index]] [[System Index | System Index]]

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    [[File:440910 | class=media-item-align-center | Alien_lineup.jpg]] [[Chiss | Chiss]] [[Duros | Duros]] [[Gran | Gran]] [[Ganks | Ganks]] [[Hutts | Hutts]] [[Jawa | Jawa]] [[Mon Calamari | Mon Calamari]] [[Nikto | Nikto]] [[Quarren | Quarren]] …

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    [[Outer Rim section of the Corellian Run | Outer Rim section of the Corellian Run]]